Integration meeting held at The University of Roma, Tor Vergata. New code available from the software repository [link]

Final assessment deliverable available [link]

Final project presentation scheduled for the 15th of May, 2008

An FP6 european project
December 2005 - February 2008

The deployment of highly pervasive services, the introduction of efficient surveillance systems, and the increasing usage of biometric technologies poses severe challenges to the privacy of the user and their "right to be forgotten": once personal data are spread in the information systems, they are permanently away from the control of the end-user, and only regulation provides the user with the trust that their data will be used in the "proper" manner. In such a context, DISCREET wants to challenge the following fundamental question:

Discreet Service Provision in Smart Environment wants to contribute to break, what we argue to be a false dichotomy, in which systems designers force their users to sacrifice some part of a fundamental right - their privacy - in order to gain some utility - the use of the application. Specifically, we argue that a major leap in terms of societal acceptance of pervasive technologies would come from strict technical guarantees of privacy protection.

Further information about privacy and defense against privacy threats can be found in the following presentation PRIVACY AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING - Threats and Challenges